Salemsborg/Smolan confirmation photos

Brief pictorial history

Historical Documents from the Salemsborg Library:

Early Church History, Mrs. Gustaf Erickson (in Swedish)

Minnes Album, 1869-1909

90th Anniversary, 1869-1959

Centennial, 1869-1969

Ministerial Acts 1877-1889 (including Assaria Lutheran Church)

Ministerial Acts 1889-1950 [version A]

Transfer Records (1800-1900s, unbound)

Transfer Records (1800s, bound)

Other documents available by request:

Brotherhood, Minutes 1929-1954

Cemetery Book 1880-1944

Cemetery Burials 1911-1933

Children of the Ages, The History of the Brown Family from Sweden to Kansas, 1692-1992

by Carol L. Brown

Donations and Subscriptions 1890-1897

Dorcas Missionary Society, Minutes 1934-1942

Dorcas Society, Finances 1932-1959

Dorcas Society, Minutes 1913-1916

Dorcas Society, Minutes 1917-1922

Dorcas Society, Minutes 1922-1929

Dorcas Society, Minutes 1930-1931

Dorcas Society, Minutes 1932-1933

Dorcas Society, Minutes 1934-1935

Dorcas Society, Minutes 1936-1942

Dorcas Society, Minutes 1942-1943

Dorcas Society, Minutes 1944-1947

Dorcas Society, Treasury 1913-1932

Early History, Most Charter Members, Locations, Births and Deaths

Financial Records 1878-1880

Financial Records 1889-1946

Financial Records, Collections and Cash Account 1881-1890

Financial Records, Collections and Cash Account 1891-1902

Financial Records, Collections and Cash Account 1903-1922

Financial Records, Membership Fees 1909-1910

Financial Records, Subscription, Interest on Pledges, Incomes and Expenditures 1934

Junior Mission Band, Minutes and Attendance 1929-1934

Junior Mission Band, Minutes, Charter Members 1920-1929

Junior Missionary Society , Minutes and Attendance 1935-1937

Junior Missionary Society, Financial Records 1920-1966

Kansas Conference Luther League, Report on Annual Convention 1924

Luther League, Financial Records 1925-1970

Luther League, History Reports 1880-1929

Luther League, Minutes 1891-1901

Luther League, Minutes 1907-1914

Luther League, Minutes 1915-1925

Luther League, Minutes 1926-1939

Luther League, Minutes 1939-1958

Luther League, Minutes 1958-1965

Membership Records 1869-1881

Membership Records 1869-1930

Membership Records 1940-1969 [version A]

Minutes, Annual Meeting Reports 1927-1937

Minutes, Annual Meeting Reports 1943-1950

Minutes, Annual Meeting Reports 1950-1963

Minutes, Annual Meetings 1897-1908

Minutes, Annual Meetings 1909-1926

Minutes, Board of Administration 1915-1961

Minutes, Building Committee 1892

Minutes, Church Board 1930-1962

Minutes, Church Board 1950-1962

Minutes, Church Council 1888-1908

Minutes, Donations and Subscriptions 1881-1888

Minutes, Secretary's Book 1889-1915

Mrs. Gustaf Erikson Book (including Life Members and In Memoriam)

Silver Coronet Band and Star Band, Constitutions, Minutes, Finances and Original Members of Subscriptions 1881-1900

Sorosis Society, Constitution and Charter Members 1908

Sorosis Society, Financial Records 1909-1923

Sorosis Society, Financial Records 1923-1956

Sorosis Society, Minutes 1908-1910

Sorosis Society, Minutes 1911-1915

Sorosis Society, Minutes 1916-1923

Sorosis Society, Minutes 1924-1933

Sorosis Society, Minutes 1928-1942

Sorosis Society, Minutes 1942-1956

Star Band, Financial Records 1901-1950

Star Band, Financial Records 1942

Star Band, Minutes 1920-1948

Star Band, Minutes 1921-1924

Star Band, Minutes and Financial Records 1902-1921

Sunday School, Attendance Record 1883-1900

Sunday School, Attendance Record 1901 and Minutes 1925-1933

Sunday School, Attendance Record 1935 and Report of Officers and Committee Chairmen 1954

Sunday School, Financial Records 1887-1923

Sunday School, Minutes 1920-1968 (and Birthday Box Fund at end)

Sunday School, Minutes 1940-1944

Sunday School, Misc. 1936

Women's Missionary Society, Annual Dues and Finances 1944-1947

Women's Missionary Society, Minutes 1954-1957

Women's Society (Qvinnof‚ÄĚreningen) 1896-1908

Young Girls Society (Flickof‚ÄĚreningen) 1891-1903

Young People's Group, Minutes 1891-1901

Youth Society, Constitution 1880